“I have never heard so many compliments from guests at a wedding reception.” Anthony & Jennifer Bigelow

“We just wanted to thank you for completing our wedding day. We had the reception videotaped and it’s fun to see how well the evening was. Your service is unique and really added to our happy memories. Thank You.” Ryan & Anna Strand

“It couldn’t have been better. On a scale of 10, I would say a 20. I have not seen anyone better.” Dan & Heather Myckleby

“Great coordination – Felt like we didn’t have to worry about a thing. Everyone we talked to really enjoyed the entertainment.” Chris & Linnae Switala

“With planning my wedding I was disappointed with the customer service I got with many companies. However Quality Sounds customer service exceeded any that I have had before. They made sure our special day was everything we wanted it to be and so much more.” Jason & Casey Weise

“Your energy level was great the whole night! Nothing but compliments from everyone. Great Job!” Chad & Melanie Overskei

“You did an excellent job working with us to coordinate everything. You offered us many wonderful suggestions that made our special night a huge success. You should offer your services as a wedding coordinator.” Chris & Kathy Wallace

“I have never seen anyone better. You were a hit and people are still talking about your performance. You would be a fool no to use us as a reference.” Dan & Heather Myckleby

“The main thing : you cared about us! You worked hard, spent time with us- made our details important. Guest quotes: “Best wedding dance I’ve ever been to.” The entertainment was top notch – What fun!!” Mark & Terrie Heiling

“We thought the kids entertainment was awesome. We really enjoyed our wedding – it was a great way to thoroughly experience our day and night.” Kevin and Sarah Becker

“A perfect 10! Everyone loved it. It couldn’t get any better!” Aaron & Betsey Bauer

“On a scale of 1 to 10 definitely a 10. They involved everyone in the crowd. People I haven’t seen dance for years were having a great time. We had the best day of our lives.” Mike & Barbara Baldwin

“We could not have been happier with your service. We honestly had the time of our lives. You made the day & evening so special. You made us feel in control but you organized the night perfectly.” Cory & Kim Isley

“The sound levels were perfect. Loud enough – yet still able to have a conversation in the room.We could have danced all night long!” Brent & Christine Lackas

“Everyone had a super time. We were amazed how many people were still on the dance floor at the end of the night. Received hundreds of positive comments” Chris & Angie Carlson

“ Lot of comments that the DJ was the best. You were truly more than a disc jockey. People will remember our wedding for some time because of you.” Johnny & Patty Pellin

“Great job keeping everyone entertained. Many guests are still talking about it” Joe & Stephanie Herrmann

“Great. Steve’s step dad said that’s the first and only wedding dance that the music noise didn’t make him leave.” Steve & Paula Ziebarth

“I had very high expectations and they were exceeded. Club 2000 is double what the average DJ price is, but it is so worth the extra. You guys have something special.” Joe & Sharyn Mantel

“Very organized, I was pleased with the flow of the evening. I was very pleased with everything you did. I just wish I would have taken advantage of more things you had to offer. You were twice as expensive as any other DJ I checked on and if I had the chance to do it again, I would go with you again.” Dave & Rochel Moore

“Everyone commented in a positive way that they never been to a reception like that – That comes from people in Phoenix, Denver, Baltimore, New Orleans & Canada. The hotel staff who see a lot of weddings pulled me aside that night and next morning to let me know the party was a 10 out of 10.” Trent & Sarah Bowman

More Satisfied Wedding Clients

Phillip Amador
Mike & Alison Aspengren
& Christie Bonine
Jim & Mary Jane Gooris
Jeff & Heather Grant
Mark & Karen Burns
Malinda Carney
Charley & Kelly Ciresi
Ryan & Diane Clinton
Chuck & Kate Croatt
Robert & Teresa Donnett
Jim & Paula Foelker
Greg & Dorinda Kirsch
Ken & Kris Klug
Scott & Penny Donaldson
Tom & Lisa Frank
Brett & Jeni Gjemse
Corey & Marissa Hacker
Keith & Lynne Hammond
Garett & Dee Hanson
Bonnie Hewitt
Darrell &Victoria Judkins
Bob & Stacey Kelzer
Rick & Paige Kosiarek
Rhett & Tina Lawing
Brad & Susie Lindaman
Jeff & Linda Nelson
Terry & Lisa Renlund
Mike & Dena Stolp
Tommy & Kristel Walker


“Unbelievable. Excellent job. It was the greatest party yet! Would recommend Quality Sounds for a holiday party but I’m afraid of them taking a date we may need.” Comm Tech Electric – Linda Hendricks

“Guests that evening could not believe all the things you provided us with. We hope we can have you every year.” Lakeville Chamber Of Commerce – Lois Arling

“Thoroughly satisfied in every way. Found personnel a pleasure to work with and enjoyed the experience and felt Quality Sounds made our event memorable!” Digi International – Laura Lee Hoaglin

“You guys do an excellent job. I have nothing but rave reviews from the gang! We definitely want you back next January 2005.” Commemorative Air Force – Kathy Gruber

“Top notch. You guys were a 10 . Our company is hard to make happy. Great at keeping the crowd interested.” Smitar Entertainment – Donna Welton

“We were so impressed with everything your group did. Thank you for making our event one of the best ever!” Arc Of Hennepin County – Michelle Biesiada

“Job well done. There could be no other who could do the job as well as Quality Sounds” BelCorp – Linda Lucas

“Thank you for the wonderful evening. I have received soooo many wonderful compliments on your performance” Duo Plastics – Sharon Olson

“Top Notch! Good balance of awards, games & music. Great speakers, lights, computer and audio equipment.” Northern Tool & Equipment – Paul Herzog

“This if the first time we’ve had this kind of entertainment – We were more than satisfied. We had a very enjoyable evening.” Medical Advanced Pain Specialist – Mary Dubel

“By having so much fun and keeping everything going – it took a lot of stress off management.” Marcus Cable – John Shimko

More Satisfied Corporate Clients

Alcorn Beverage – Wendy Tjernagle
Data Sales
HEB Bakery
Lost Spur Country Club
Swan Foods – Jason Huss
Texas School Food Services Association


“Very Entertaining. They played exactly what we wanted to hear. Extremely helpful in planning the evening.” Lakeville High Hearts Are Wild Valentines Day Dance – Anna Swanson

“Overall performance exceeded our expectations. Light show was the most fascinating I have ever witnessed. Variety of music was fantastic. Kenwood Trail Jr. High – Marcy Gray

“Perfect! You guys are tops. The children had a blast. Lights are great” Eastview Elementary Sock Hop – Melanie Judkins

“Super. Top of the line. We have never had a DJ do so much organization prior to the event.” Eagan High Morp – Sharon Geiger

More Satisfied School Clients

Hollywood Nights Senior Party – Kingsville High School – Raul Garza
Fall Fling – Kenwood Trail Jr. High – Janet Stewart


“10+ Very Professional. Liked everything. Pulled the party together. We trusted you judgment and completely enjoyed ourselves!” Oktoberfest – Tom & Annie Hall

“Amy and I just wanted to thank you for making her 30 th Birthday party the best imaginable. Your desire to make the evening special for not only us but for our guests really came through. We had multiple comments from our guests to the effect it was the “best party ever” and “keep their number for me”. All the little extras like the signs and props, your insightful coordination prior to the event and your ability to warm the crowd truly made for a memorable evening. Please fell free to use this letter with your future customers so that they know they will not be disappointed with their decision to go with Quality Sounds. Thanks again for a great evening!” 30th Birthday Party Bill & Amy Yaniero

“Great! I couldn’t have been more pleased with everything!” New Years Eve Celebration – Ann Proudfoot Dance Works

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