Who are the entertainers at my event?
When you hire Quality Sounds Entertainment (QSE) you are guaranteed to get the talents of Russ & Christie Poole. Not to mention one of the best sound, light & special effects shows available – No surprises, no substitutions, QSE does not subcontract. We believe events worth celebrating should be done personally, by someone you know and trust.

How much are your services?
We use standard pricing for all of our events. Our pricing includes our extensive event planning, equipment, lighting, special effects, vast music library, and of course the MC and DJ services of Russ & Christie Poole and their support crew. Our price is generally higher than average, but then again, so are the quality and the type of the services we provide. We go above and beyond most DJ services – Few can compare in what we have to offer. We do offer specials to charitable events and repeat customers. For those on a tight budget we do provide another line of DJ entertainment services – Affordable DJ’s with services starting as low as $500.

Can you provide references from past clients?
After every event, we send out an evaluation form and ask for feedback on our performance. We would be happy to have you stop by our office and view the hundreds we have on file or would be glad to send you some on request. Another great source of referrals would be from other professionals that have worked with Quality Sounds in the past. Ask your caterer, photographer, videographer, wedding consultant, event specialist or banquet hall manager, or call us and we will supply you with names.

How much do you help plan the event?
Russ & Christie take great pride in consistently providing one of the most personal and detail orientated services available. Nothing is left to chance. We personally meet with you planning and coordinating every detail of your wedding reception. We have a wealth of ideas, suggestions and unique options for you to choose from that will help you custom design every detail of your reception to fit your personalities, tastes, dreams and desires. We will ask you a lot of questions and gather as much information as we can. The more we know about your expectations, the better we can fulfill them. Also, the information we will gather from you about your family and your guests, will help us to connect with them and play music that will make them feel included as well. Finally, the planning meetings also allow us time to get to know each other on a more personal level. We recognize that you are entrusting the success of your entire investment in your reception to us! We don’t take this responsibility lightly, but we are willing to take it, because we are very committed to offering the best quality of service possible.

Do you interact with our guests?
The biggest key to a successful event is the entertainers themselves. The entertainers will make or break your event. Do you want a high energy, entertaining, fun Disc Jockeys, or do you prefer one with a more low key approach? Different people want different levels of interaction. Some want extensive crowd dynamics while others want somebody to do nothing more than play music. Our DJ’s are polished professionals in the art of entertainment. We are experts at energizing a crowd and motivating your guests… but can take a more low-key approach if that’s your preference. In our extensive planning meetings you define your wants and desires and we are experts in adjusting the level of personality and interactivity to suit your needs.

When will our event consultation take place?
An extensive planning and event production meeting will take place two to three weeks before the event date. This will allow you to have most major details already in order. We will set this date and time up to 45 days prior to the event. Always available 24/7 at our online site you have access to our event planning tips, most requested music lists, your personal event planner and our music library. Additionally we are always available via phone to answer any questions you might have.

How far in advance do we need to book?
Our most popular dates often fill up close to a year in advance. On an average most clients book their event on average 6-8 months prior to their event. In the event of short notice please still call and if were already booked we would be happy to assist you by referring you to another professional to make your event the best it can be.

What kind of sound & lighting equipment do you use?
To ensure the best possible sound and lighting at your event QSE has invested over $100,000. in equipment. We use only state-of-the-art commercial equipment you normally find on tour with top musical groups. We size the equipment setup for optimum sound at the specific venue, type audience and your individual preferences. From a small group of 25 to a crowd of 25,000 we have the sound and lighting to make your event spectacular. There is never extra charge for additional sound or lighting equipment. (For those techies with a need to know – QSE equipment inventory) When it comes to sound, Quality Sounds feel that their clients deserve nothing less than the absolute best.

Do you charge for travel?
Travel within 60 total miles (30 miles one way) of our Lakeville home office is free. Additional mileage is billed at $1. per mile

Are there any hidden fees?
No hidden fees here. It not too uncommon to find disc jockeys who will have extra charges (Up sale) or “hidden charges” for things that should be included as a normal part of their service. They will charge you for lighting, special effects, cordless microphones, additional speakers, loading fees for stairs, or even an extra charge for personalized planning meetings.

Do you provide a written contract?
Yes. We believe in the importance of a written agreement to protect both of our interests. All terms of the event are clearly laid in an easy to read format.

Do you play requests?
Of course we love requests! Each client receives a 100 page songlist to go over with a highlighter pen and make special notations of must-play/Do not play songs. Additionally we suggest you allow us to take your guests request the day of the event for the ultimate entertainment experience.

What happens if you get sick?
In our eighteen years of service, we are proud to announce we have NEVER missed an event or started late. QSE will be set up, professionally dressed and ready for your reception prior to the arrival of your first guest. Guaranteed!

How will you be dressed for our event?
You Decide. Tuxedos are standard for us unless you request more casual or theme attire. Tuxedos are offered in black, gray or white in both traditional lengths and tails. We offer a large number of tie & cummerbund color combinations to choose from

When will you arrive to setup?
Our preference is to have at least 2 1/2 to 3 hours for setup. This allows us to sound check the room, properly secure all cables, and have time to work with any unforeseen details. Regardless of when your entertainment starts setup will be complete prior to your first guest arrival. Setup and teardown time is always free of charge.

Do you advertise at our event?
No. The success of our business has always been a result of quality service and solid references from past clients, photographers, videographers, catering managers, wedding consultants and event specialist. As a satisfied customer you will be our best advertisement. I would never show up at a formal event with an advertising banner or sign prominently displayed – the day is about you not us.. I will have business card and flyers available for anyone that asks.

Do you carry backup equipment in case of equipment failure?
We invest in the finest equipment available to avoid chances of equipment failure. In addition, all equipment is well maintained, road-cased, and properly run. Still although the need is rare equipment does sometimes break. We have spares for all our essential equipment on site not just on call. Isn’t your event too important to be waiting for some replacement component to be driven out to your once in a lifetime celebration.

What if you don’t have a song we want?
This very rarely happens – but if we don’t have it we’ll get it! We take great pride in our music selection and want to have selections that will make you and your guests happy. If you’d like you can supply anything you wish on compact disc or MP-3.

What about event cancellation? Can I get a refund?
Events canceled prior to 180 days of the event receive a full refund. Events cancelled within 180 days will be subject to a 100% retainer cancellation fee. (Retainer Fee $400.) If you must cancel in the 180 day period and the date is rebooked you will receive a refund of your retainer after the event date.