Bubble Parties FAQs

Q: Where can a Bubble Party be performed?

A:  Just about anywhere – we come to YOU!  In most cases, Bubble Parties are performed outdoors, where children can be in a wide open space with plenty of room to run around.  Indoors works great too – we provide colorful foam matting to protect your floors or carpet.

Q. What ages are the shows best suited for?

A. We offer two different shows – one geared toward boys & girls 3-7 and another toward 8-12.  However, it is possible to combine the best elements of both shows into one. We recommended you limit groups to 25-30 to ensure all kids have the opportunity for maximum participation.

Q. Is a QSE Bubble Party put on by just one performer?

A. No, our shows consist of a minimum of two performers including an interactive Bubble Entertainer and a DJ.

Q. What type of music is played?

A. Most of the songs played will be classic children’s favorites and hits from Disney and Nickelodeon shows. We do include newer “Top 40” songs but only those with appropriate, kid-friendly lyrics.

Q:  How much does it cost for a Bubble Party performance?

A:  That’s the best part – Bubble Parties are very affordable – only $250. based on a one hour performance.  Additional performance time for extended parties or additional groups only $100. per hour.

Q:  Do you provide entertainment services for other age groups?

A:  Absolutely!  A Bubble Party is just one of the many services Quality Sounds Entertainment & Event Production (QSE) has to offer.  QSE provides a wide variety of entertainment services for audiences of all ages.

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