Game Shows

 Quality Sounds Entertainment & Event Production is proud to feature “Game Show Mania” – Your very own night of TV style game shows complete with stand-up player positions, digital scoring, authentic game show sounds and a professional host who can also serve as a corporate trainer if desired!

This unique T.V. style game show includes trivia questions on subjects like Music, History, Current Events, Movies, Sports, T.V. Shows plus many other categories!

Included is all the flash and glitter, music, lights and sound effects you expect from a game show! Audiences stay involved with the contestants….clapping and cheering for their contestant or team, while trying to answer the questions themselves or we even have games where the entire audience plays!

This is a definite crowd pleaser! The questions can be whole answer, True or False, multiple choice, fill in the blank or a combination!


Game Show Maniac:


Based on the popular Millionaire game. Play individually or choose the multiple player option. Customize the game with your own questions, perfect for corporate events and outings.
Use your choice of 3 life lines:
1. 50/50
2. Ask the Audience
3. Pick another question




Fabulous Feud:


Just like you remember- two teams or “families” of 5 try to pick the most popular answers to survey questions about a range of topics. The perfect game for large gatherings when you need to get many people involved.






The Challenge:


We don’t have Alex, but we do play a game just like his classic TV game show. Three of four people compete at a time. Customize the questions to suit your needs – perfect for corporate or orientation settings.








Just like that other game of Fortune, spin our virtual wheel to earn points for guessing the letters. Win the round by solving the puzzle! Puzzles can be customized to include your words and phrases!